Due to significant need, Alaska Counts has begun to translate Language Guides and other materials into languages around the State. The US Census Bureau has not translated any materials into any Alaska Native languages for this decennial Census.

Mahsi’ Choo, Quyana Cakneq, Enaa’ Baasee’, and Quyanaqpak to our panelists who spent a week with us in Anchorage translating the 2020 Census into the Language Guides you see below. Meet our panelists here.

Alaska Native Language Resources

Alaska Native Language Guides

Alaska Native Language Audio Guides

Alaska Native Language Glossaries

Alaska Native Language PSAs

Posters and Graphics

Learn more about the AKPIRG Alaska Native Language Panels.

Denaakk’e Materials

Created by the AKPIRG Denaakk’e Language Panel, with Marie Yaska and Velma Schafer.

Gwichyaa Zhee Gwich’in

Created by the AKPIRG Gwichyaa Zhee Gwich’in Language Panel, with Amaya Shaw, Mary Fields, and Hishinlai’ Peter.


Created in Bering Strait (Shishmaref) Iñupiaqtun by the AKPIRG Inupiaq Language Panel, with Annauk Olin, Annie Conger, Georgianna Oonak Merrill, Maggie Pollock, and Richard Atuk.

Neets’aii Gwich’in

Created by the AKPIRG Neets’aii Gwich’in Language Panel, with Traditional Chief Dr. Rev. Trimble Gilbert, Kenneth Frank, and Caroline Tritt-Frank.


Created by the AKPIRG Yup’ik Language Panel, with Al’aq Cheryl Charles Smith, Cathy Moses, Dorie Wassilie, Marie Hoover, Rosalie Lincoln, Veronica Kaganak, and Walkie Charles

Other Translated Alaska Native Language Materials

World Languages Resources

Language Guides

Access the language materials translated by the US Census Bureau here. Find your language guide, translated by the US Census Bureau:

Additional Language Resources

Groups across the US are working to translate informational materials as well as Language Guides into languages not covered by the US Census Bureau. We’ve compiled, by language, the materials we’ve found, as well as an Alaska-specific brochure that is a quick factsheet of your rights regarding the 2020 Census.